Delivering Patients to the Care They Need

Millions of Americans with complex chronic healthcare conditions lack access to transportation to and from their medical appointments. This population includes a sizeable number of Medicaid beneficiaries in need of dialysis, mental and behavioral healthcare, substance abuse and addiction counseling, chemotherapy infusions and primary care visits. If people cannot travel to their healthcare appointments, they will become sicker and ultimately cost the healthcare system and taxpayers more money.

Many of these people today have access to medical transportation services that enable them to travel safely to and from their health care appointments. This vital service helps keep beneficiaries healthier and controls healthcare spending.

The Medical Transportation Access Coalition (MTAC) was formed to educate federal and state policymakers and other stakeholders about the benefits of medical transportation and the need for policies that support continued access to these services. We invite you to learn more about the impact of medical transportation and how you can help preserve access to this service.

Medical Transportation 101

Learn more about what medical transportation is, how it helps keep patients healthier and how it helps manage and limit healthcare spending.

About MTAC

The Medical Transportation Access Coalition was founded to educate stakeholders about the value and impact of non-emergency medical transportation services. We look forward to working with multiple parties – including providers, beneficiaries and others – to protect access to transportation services.

Policy & Advocacy

The Medical Transportation Access Coalition supports federal and state policies to ensure people without access to reliable transportation can make their medical appointments. Access to medical transportation helps keep people healthier while controlling healthcare costs.

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