Archive of Medicaid Expansion Population

Report to Congress on Medicaid and CHIP

March, 2015

Iowa secured a temporary, one-year waiver of NEMT and was required to evaluate the impact of the waiver on access to care (CMS 2014b). In its September 2014 request to continue the exclusion in year two, the state reported that enrollees are using services and therefore access has not been affected without NEMT. Even so, […]


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Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT): Assessment for Transit Agencies

October, 2014

Based on projections in participating states, it is estimated that nearly 9 million individuals will enroll in the Medicaid program because of the ACA expansion. Of these 9 million, it is estimated that only about 270,000 new enrollees will require NEMT because they will be more ambulatory and less transit-dependent than the traditional Medicaid-eligible population.


Richard Garrity and Kathy McGehee, National Academy of Sciences

Medicaid Expansion and Premium Assistance: The Importance of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) to Coordinated Care for Chronically Ill Patients

March, 2014

Because people on hemodialysis must receive treatment 2-3 times/week, reliable transportation is essential to ensure that hemodialysis patients have access to their treatment centers. According to the US Renal Data System, the majority of hemodialysis patients rely on others to transport them to and from the clinic, with 66.8% of patients being driven by others, […]


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