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Health System Transportation Pilot Found to Reduce Missed Appointments

February, 2018

Hitch Health’s national rollout was preceded by a six-month pilot phase in the Twin Cities area. The startup said it partnered with Lyft during the trial period to find and offer its service to “at-risk populations” that go through HCMC or any of the primary care clinics run by Hennepin Healthcare. Results of the test […]


Sam Schaust, Twin Cities Business

Ride-sharing Tied to Reduce Ambulance Trips

October, 2017

Using a city-panel over-time and leveraging that UberX enter markets sporadically over multiple years, we find that UberX entry reduced the per capital ambulance volume by at least 7%.


Leon S. Moskatel and David J.G. Slusky, University of Kansas

Access to Transportation and Health Care Visits for Medicaid Enrollees with Diabetes

March, 2017

Use of nonemergency medical transportation is a significant predictor of diabetes care visits. Older enrollees were likely to make more visits than younger enrollees with diabetes; controlling for all other factors in the model, rural residents made more visits than urban; women made fewer visits than men; and minorities made fewer visits than whites, with […]


L.V. Thomas, K.R. Wedel, and J.E. Christopher, Delaware State and University of Oklahoma