The Medical Transportation Access Coalition (MTAC) applauds the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for convening four listening sessions focused on improving non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services, specifically:

    • Provider Enrollment Requirements and Eligibility Determinations for Providers/Drivers
    • Program Integrity, Correct Billing Concerns, Documentation and Data Requirements for NEMT Providers
    • Economic Factors and Cost Containment Challenges in NEMT
    • NEMT Coordination Topics

Combined, the founders of MTAC help manage and deliver NEMT services in almost every state in the nation. MTAC includes nearly thirty participating organizations—including brokers, managed care orgainizations, transportation providers, medical providers, and patient advocates. Informed by our robust stakeholders, MTAC is pleased to summarize the constructive comments we heard during the four listening sessions:

    • Despite vast improvements in program integrity in NEMT, more work is needed to adequately guard against fraud, waste, and abuse and to ensure beneficiaries have access to needed NEMT services.
    • NEMT needs to continue to evolve in order to leverage technology. Low-cost and accessible GPS and driver-tracking systems have the potential to improve NEMT performance data, reduce program integrity problems, and improve the rider experience.
    • Lack of access to transportation is a recognized social determinant of health. The Medicaid NEMT benefit is an essential tool for connecting beneficiaries to care, and addressing health disparities. NEMT should be expanded to non-medical sites in order to better address social determinants of health.
    • Diverse stakeholders support a nationally consistent standard, or set of standards, for driver eligibility and vehicle inspections to ensure safety while reducing administrative burdens. CMS should take guidance from key stakeholders to develop such standards, including state governments, NEMT brokers, and transportation providers.

Robert Pittman of Modivcare thanks CMS for conveing the listening sessions. “The topics identified by CMS for these sessions are ripe for discussion, as they represent some of the most significant challenges for NEMT today. I look forward to continued work with CMS to address these challenges and strengthen access and program integrity in NEMT.”

Philip Stalboerger of MTM Inc. agrees. “The NEMT industry has made great strides in recent years towards improving program integrity within the NEMT space. I am excited to see CMS focusing on this important issue, and ensuring access to reliable and safe transportation for vulnerable Americans.”

Dena Adams-McNeish of Southeastrans urges CMS to champion using NEMT to address social determinants of health. “Transportation has long been an important social determinant of health. In working with stakeholders on improving the NEMT program, CMS is working toward addressing health disparities and improving health equity.  I am excited to continue to assist CMS in this endeavor.”

Again, MTAC thanks CMS for convening these listening sessions. We look forward to working with CMS as it continues to address NEMT.