Over a 3-year period, 125,913 trips were scheduled by 2,913 older adult clients in Delaware receiving Medicaid. Approximately two thirds of these trips were scheduled by females (66%), half were scheduled by persons younger than 75 (51%), and 10% were scheduled by persons aged 85 or older. Many of the older adults (42%) who intended to travel lived in ZIP Codes with 30% or more black residents. A small proportion of clients scheduled trips with escorts (3%). Seventy-five percent of all trips were scheduled for dialysis and a majority of those were prescheduled. The next leading reason for trip was for a doctor’s visit and <1% of these were prescheduled. As this service is for nonemergency medical care, only a small percentage (<1%) was considered urgent and 75% of all trips were prescheduled. Over 30% were scheduled for wheelchair level of service. Most trips were relatively close with the total trip distance a median of 10 miles and 98.8% of trips were within 60 miles (maximum = 280 total miles) (data not shown). Approximately 6% of all trips were canceled, and 55% of these were for client reasons (e.g., no show). There were 31,254 (25% of all trips) that were not prescheduled. Of these nearly 13% were canceled.



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