In the multivariate analysis of Delaware Medicaid NEMT, females were significantly more likely to cancel for health reasons (odds ratio [OR] = 1.4). In bivariate analyses, the oldest old (aged 85+) compared with those aged 65–74 were generally more likely to cancel (ORs ranged 1.4–1.5). However, these results did not hold in the multivariate analyses (Tables 2 and ​and3).3). In multivariate analyses, living in a ZIP Code 30% or more black residents was associated with increased odds of all canceling for any reason, except for health reasons (ORs ranged 1.2–1.9). Poverty was not significantly associated with cancelation outcomes in this population. In bivariate analyses, living in a predominately rural area was associated with a decreased odds of canceling due to alternative transportation (OR = 0.6); however, this finding did not hold in the multivariate analysis results. Being able to provide one’s own escort, an indicator of caregiver support, increased the odds of all cancelations (ORs ranged 2.5–2.8); however, after consideration of treatment reason and scheduling this relationship was not observed.



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