A better measurement of access is EPSDT utilization. Because these checkups are scheduled at periodic intervals and are for preventive, not ambulatory care, it better measures access to similar services. When comparing EPSDT utilization among users and non-users of MTP services, those that access MTP services tend to report higher utilization (p<.05) of EPSDT services. Users of MTP services reported accessing almost one additional EPSDT visit (3.53) than those who did not access MTP services (2.64) (see Figure 11). When isolating the effects of the periodicity schedule by age, both groups of users and non-users of MTP services had similar distributions by age. Therefore both groups had similar opportunities for EPSDT visits as prescribed by the THSteps periodicity schedule, thus eliminating the potential biases of one group having greater opportunities for EPSDT visits than the other.



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