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Challenges and Opportunities in Caring for High-Need, High-Cost Medicare Patients: BPC Preliminary Findings and Policy Options

February, 2017

For risk-bearing ACOs, the shared savings (accrued through holding actual per-beneficiary spending below the benchmark) for an individual beneficiary may not cover the cost of providing some of the more expensive supports to the beneficiary on an in-kind basis. Research suggests that self-financing through shared savings is less likely to be a barrier for other […]


Bipartisan Policy Center

Transportation to Healthcare Destinations: How a Lifeline for Patients Impacts the Bottom Line for Healthcare Providers

September, 2014

Study by The National Center for Mobility Management estimated the range of lost revenue for a health system due to patients’ missed appointments is between $150 to $274 per patient. If the system’s no-show rate is 10% (about half of the national average), and they treat 45,000 patients annually, those missed appointments amount to between […]


The National Center for Mobility Management