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Transportation Found to be a Barrier to Successful Recovery

December, 2018

In 2017, the National Criminal Justice Reference Center estimated that more than 3,000 courts now existed across the country with the purpose of striking the proper balance between incarceration and treatment of (typically, nonviolent) individuals in the legal system with substance abuse disorders. These courts are designed to develop stringent addiction treatment regimens — including […]


Scott Bogren, CTAA

Access to Transportation and Health Care Visits for Medicaid Enrollees with Diabetes

March, 2017

Use of nonemergency medical transportation is a significant predictor of diabetes care visits. Older enrollees were likely to make more visits than younger enrollees with diabetes; controlling for all other factors in the model, rural residents made more visits than urban; women made fewer visits than men; and minorities made fewer visits than whites, with […]


L.V. Thomas, K.R. Wedel, and J.E. Christopher, Delaware State and University of Oklahoma

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Needs of Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Rural-Urban Comparison in Delaware, USA

February, 2017

Consistent with previous studies, results indicate that older age and the need for accompaniment from personal care assistants were more common among participants picked-up in rural areas. Alternatively, wheel chair services and NEMT for purposes other than dialysis were less common among individuals picked-up from rural locations. For example, as previously documented, individuals transported for […]


Matthew Lee Smith, Thomas R. Prohaska, Kara E. MacLeod, Marcia G. Ory, Amy R. Eisenstein, David R. Tagland, Cheryl Irmiter, Samuel D. Towne Jr., and William A. Satariano