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Transportation Services Can Complement Home Care Needs for Many Seniors Found to Give Up Driving

January, 2019

By offering transportation services, home care agencies can help clients get to important medical appointments and, at times, boost revenue. But doing so can also act as a powerful foot in the door when it comes to establishing relationships with hospitals and other community partners. About one in five older adults give up driving after […]


Robert Holly, Home Health Care News

Transportation Barrier to Care Costs Providers

December, 2018

The financial burden of a no show in health care today is one the industry recognizes, and quantifies. Public and private sector health care officials alike measure their no-show rates and comprehend their financial impact — almost always they incur costs in these no-show scenarios without any ability to bill for services rendered. It is […]


Scott Bogren, CTAA

Transportation Services Tied to Improved Patient Experience and Lower Costs

September, 2018

In 2016, CareMore launched a pilot program to evaluate the impact of Lyft-based curb-to-curb rides on patient experience and costs. The pilot ran for two months at select CareMore locations in Southern California, during which a total of 479 rides were provided. Results were encouraging: wait times decreased by 30 percent and per-ride costs decreased […]


Brian Powers, Scott Rinefort, and Sachin H. Jain, Health Affairs