Archive of Reduced Hospital Stays or ER Trips

Transportation Services Fill Access to Care Gaps for One-Third of Riders Surveyed

January, 2019

38% of respondents said that after beginning to use Lyft to attend their medical appointments, they went to urgent care less frequently. This is likely because patients had the transportation means to attend appointments with their primary care or chronic care providers instead of having to mitigate crises in urgent care. This is ultimately less […]


Sara Heath, Patient Engagement HIT

Lack of Transportation Tied to Readmission Risk, Transportation Found to Reduce Risk

December, 2018

Evolent’s data found that within a specific population of high-risk patients, those with a transportation barrier had a 63 percent higher risk of readmission. In addition, when Evolent addressed transportation barriers in a timely manner through a comprehensive care plan that included participation by the health care provider, Evolent’s analysis showed that 30-day readmission rates […]


Anita Cattrell, Health Affairs

Effect of Community Health Worker Support on Clinical Outcomes of Low-Income Patients Across Primary Care Facilities

October, 2018

According to the multicenter randomized clinical trial that included 592 adult patients, help from community health workers—who assist high-risk patients with fulfilling basic needs ranging from housing and food insecurity to transportation and locating an appropriate medical home—resulted in fewer days in the hospital and increased likelihood of reported high-quality primary care.


Shreya Kangovi, MD, MS, Nandita Mitra, PhD, Lindsey Norton, MSS, MLSP, Rory Harte, Xinyi Zhao, MPH, Tamala Carter, CHW, David Grande, MD, MPA, and Judith A. Long, MD